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'Speedo 38' Heavy duty Cutt off/Chop Saw
(Induction Motorised)

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Kaustubh Engineering Services

Chop Saw and Flexible Shaft Grinders and its accessories Now we are completing 3 decades and entering 4th decade of successful journey. This is due to consistence development work and having faith of our customers on us & thus it proves that quality, reliability & economical product. We would like to introduce us manufacture of machineries focused on chop saw & Flexible Shaft Grinders. We have to mention that complete machines are manufactured under one roof including special electric motors required for above products. The company is guided by a team having 40 years of experience in machine design, manufacturing. As it is completing 29th years we can claim that and also, We are having feedback from our customers that our machines are efficient having less & easy maintenance.

Our Products


    Get freedom from recurring repairs and breakdowns etc.

  • Conventional Chop saw as Armature Carbon brush, standing Coil frequent replacement
  • break down (more no of parts)
  • less productivity, more electricity bill
  • Short working cycle (got warm)
  • more wheel consumption
  • Speed drop on load
  • V belt slippage and many more
Advantages of Speedo 38 heavy Duty Chop saw / Cutt-off
  • Heavy duty
  • Increased life of wheel / more productive
  • Decreased maintenance down time
  • Continues operation cycle
  • Very less decrease in speed during cutting
  • Decrease of electricity bill ( effi. -90-95%)
  • Powered by Induction motor so absence Of Carban brush, Armature and standing coil
  • Initially investment more but very economical for long term
  • Backed by 30 years of Machinery mfg. Experience
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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of
Heavy duty Cutt off/Chop Saw, Flexible Shaft Grinders
& our setup is situated in Solapur, Maharashtra, India.

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